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Bedbug King offers full bedbug and pest extermination services. Our comprehensive services include all of the following below:

(1) Pre-Bedbug Extermination Preparation (*Additional Cost)

Prior to extermination, the infested area should be prepared for pest chemical treatment and this is often the source of much headache for many customers. We provide the following services to help alleviate some of these headaches:pre-bedbug extermination preparation

  • Moving Furniture or Large Items - The exterminator will need access to the perimeter of the rooms where bugs have been found, (probably bedrooms, living room, den/study). All objects must be at least 1 feet away from the wall.
  • Vacuum Room Perimeter - Pest chemicals should not be mixed in with any other dusts or particles and the perimeters will be vacuumed.
  • Laundry Clothing in High-Heat - Once you begin the extermination process, you do not want bedbugs that are potentially hidden in your clothing, to begin the infestation again. We can ensure your clothing will be washed thoroughly using high-heat energy to kill any hidden bedbugs.
  • Provide Encasement Supplies - Exposed furniture and household items should be protected by an encasement cover during the pest chemical treatment process. We can provide covers or bags to help you protect your belongings.
  • Provide Storage Space - We can facilitate storage space for any items you would like to remove from the extermination area.

(2) Thorough Bedbug Extermination

During the bedbug extermination process, we will use certified pest chemicals and professional procedures to exterminate bedbugs from your infested areas. We are very thorough with our process. bedbug extermination




(3) Bedbug Extermination Follow-Up

  • For the first 60 days after our treatments, if you see any signs of return — no matter what the cause — call us we'll be there for another treatment at no charge.
    In addition, for a full year, if a new infestation attacks your premises via any means (a neighbor, for example), we'll be there for another complete treatment at minimal cost. bedbug extermination guarantee
  • Dumping large pieces of unwanted, infested furniture or large household items can be difficult. Not only can we help with the moving, but we can organize pick-up for any oversized large items you may want to throw away.


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